Bite Size Biographies November 2019 – 2 New Episodes, 1 New Blog Post, Behind-the-Scenes info!

October 2019 Recap

2 episodes of Bite Size Biographies were released in October! You can listen to them here:

I also started writing Behind-the-Scenes-style blog posts about episodes. You can read the post about Bob aka Rob Jung’s Episode here.

Podcast Ideas

Throughout the month of October I’ve been working on ideas for the podcast. My goal is to make Bite Size Biographies something familiar, yet unpredictable. As I work with different individuals to facilitate them telling their life story, I am refining what I want the structure and content of Bite Size Biographies to be. So far I’ve simply let people talk for as long as they want, however I realize that this means we could have extremely long episodes and very short episodes. I’d like to narrow the range to 30-45 minutes so that when you listen you have a regular length of time in mind. I’m not sure if this means I’ll begin encouraging people to tell their life stories in that amount of time, or if I’ll take longer recordings and trim them into separate episodes (for example a 1.5 hour recording might turn into 2 episodes).

Let me know what you think about podcast lengths by filling out this 1 question Google form.

I’ve also been thinking about how to work a few segments into the podcast, and which new types of segments might make sense. One of the joys of talking to so many different people is that their stories are so varied. I’m considering a question, or set of questions, that I could ask each guest to introduce some consistency to the format of the show. This would mean there’s ample opportunity for a guest to tell their personal story, but also a question or set of questions you can look forward to hearing each guest answer. Another concept I’m considering is asking listeners to record and send me short stories directly, then playing one or more of those either at the beginning of an episode, the end of an episode, or compiling some of them into a stand-alone episode. I’ve already provided a place for anyone to send me audio at I’m considering asking listeners to send in their stories in the podcast itself so that more people are aware of this request, probably at the end of the episodes in the moments after the conversation is over.

This Newsletter’s Format

Finally I’d like to talk about this newsletter. Originally I thought a newsletter would be a great way to notify you of new episodes, however I quickly realized most of you will be notified of new episodes through whichever service you listen to podcasts. I then thought about what I might write that you would find interesting. My current idea is what you see above: a recap of what episodes and posts have happened in the last month, some behind-the-scenes information regarding my thoughts on the Bite Size Biographies Podcast, and any additional notes or information I think you might find interesting.

Do you have an idea or feedback you’d like to share about this newsletter? Please let me know your thoughts at

Thank you!

Thank you for taking part in this journey to tell life stories. I genuinely appreciate your support and your input.
Cory Thorpe
Host and Creator of Bite Size Biographies
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