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Recording Bob’s episode was a combination of excitement, investigation, and awe. Bob had such a great life story we recorded it twice! Okay, it was actually recorded twice because the audio of the first recording was unusable – but it’s still an amazing life story! Listen below if you haven’t heard it, and read on for some behind-the-scenes info.


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Bob’s story was such an enthralling one. His experiences have been varied, from growing up on a farm and fishing all day, to going to college at Harvard and starting a small business in the process. His entrepreneurial spirit is seen throughout his story as he goes from starting a business in college, to starting educational businesses, and facilitating other people’s business ideas. However entrepreneurship is just one aspect of his multi-faceted story that includes being a delegate at a primary presidential election, travel for humanitarian missions, writing for newspapers, and most recently authoring two novels titled The Reaper and Cloud Warriors – and all of that while raising a family!

Bob’s episode was one of the first we recorded. You’ll notice that it contains much more of Bob’s audio than Cory’s. This was partially because we weren’t sure what split of host / guest audio we wanted to use, and partially because we were still learning how to edit and master a podcast episode’s audio, so we were learning every single minute of the editing process. After releasing the episode we found it had slightly too little of Cory’s audio and felt less conversational than we intended, which led us to take a different approach in Ash’s episode. Recording Bob’s episode was a challenge, but recording a portion of Bob’s life story and making it available to the world was more rewarding than we could have imagined!

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